Ever After


Things that happened afterwards

Kendra fled the temple, and found, much to her dismay, no survivors of the screecher onslaught. So she continued to flee.

Sjaud exited the temple, and found that Alexander, was indeed alive. He had survived by feigning death, and merely fell asleep.

The returned to North City to find that the demons that assaulted the temple, appear to have assaulted the city afterward. However, there appeared to be no sign of them, but in their place were Orc looters. Sjaud went back to the inn to retrieve his belongings.

Meanwhile, Kendra retrieved her belongings from the nearby cave, including Zombitch. On her way back to the city, she encountered an orc riding a familiar donkey. She at first tried to reason with him, but then it proved easier to simply flatten him.

Sjaud managed to trade some baubles found in the temple for his belongings from an orc. On the way out, he noticed a familiar face up on a roof. Or rather a cat, surrounded by orcs. Alexander attempted to talk the orcs out of it, but failed. Kendra seeing Sjaud and Alexander, investigated, and also decided it was just better to flatten the orcs rather than reason with them. Once they were dealt with, the group decided to head further south. Along the road and after many silly questions from Alexander, they ran into Sahara, the bitter traveling merchant, and an odd fellow intent on searching her barrels. Sahara asked is they had any luck with the vase she asked them to retrieve. Nope.

The man searching through the crates abruptly asked Kendra if she had seen a girl. After a few more questions and guessing games, they determined that the girl he was looking for is Korina, the barbarian from Meddleton. Sjaud managed to point him in the right direction (vaguely) and he was off. They decided to set up camp nearby and Sahara joined them for the night.



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