Ever After

Confrontation Pt 1

Sarkus is in the Temple

Just before leaving, Graybald and the gang were approached by a familiar stranger. He introduced himself as Alexande, the former Master of Ceremonies. He informed them that he had resigned, in order to aid them in the search for the obsidian mask. He also informed the group of the exact mask’s purpose.

From what he has been told, Alexande believes the mask to not just be influenced by Lament’s magic, but may in fact be, Lament himself. He explained that during the final confrontation with Joy’s champion and He, Lament was not banished as most presumed, but rather killed. When he died, it is said that he smiled, which twisted this mask away from his usual grim visage.

They eventually came to a town in the Kingdom of Ages. North City is home to a rather sizeable Church of Joy, and is currently under Joy Paladin occupation due to monster attacks from a nearby ancient temple. In the town, Sjaud learned that the paladins took a young girl into custody. They identified this girl as the same that Sarkus took before fleeing Thorne City.

After a brief interrogation, they learned that Sarkus had abandoned her after acting strange. Apparently he had set her up to be captured by the paladins. Sarkus some how knew they were coming, and fled to the temple for some unknown reason. What is know however, is that the Monsters, and Sarkus are somehow connected.



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