Ever After

Fallen Warrior, and the Road to the Scrap Yard

During their travels, the group witness a meteor fall from the sky and strike a nearby mountain. They elected to check out the crash site.

Upon first entering the cave, they happened upon two familiar characters Runt and Grunt. They had come to the mountain in search of treasure. Shortly after, they triggered a trap that separated them from the group.

Whilst climbing the mountain, the group was assaulted by morlocks en masse. Fighting through, they found refuge in what appeared to once be a room for worship. The group decided to rest for the night. Glitchen, snuck away to examine a path that led to the room and could possibly leave the group vulnerable. She instead, found a spear of magical quality.

In the morning, the group pressed onward, reaching the top of the mountain by afternoon. There, they found a Crystal Dragon, proudly fawning over a young girl whom he had claimed from a nearby crater.

After a brief negotiation attempt, the dragon had revealed that the girl had fallen from the sky, and had been sent by the Goddess, obviously to repay her debt to dragon kind. The negotiations have failed.

The group fought hard and eventually had slain the dragon, but not before the dragon could tear the giant zombie guardian into shreds.

The girl had awakened, frightfully at first, and then growing more at ease with the group. She did not remember where she had come from, only that she was a soldier of some sort. This was obvious from the armor she wore.

She decided to travel with the group to repay her debt to them for rescuing her.

The group came upon a town that was unnervingly close to the Black Cloud’s location. They inquired about what lands lay under the cloud. They did not receive very useful answers. Eventually, they had learned from an old man, that the lands to the south were known as The Scrap Yard, and it was a place to be feared, and a place where great riches could be found.

Upon reaching the Scrap Yard, the group stood in awe of the ancient wonders that lay before them, as the cloud dissipated.



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