Ever After

Khyle McNanner


The remaining group came to a village settled in a pass over the mountains. There, they came across a strange fellow by the name of Khyle McNanner. He insisted that they follow him to meet his employer.

Khyle McNanner led them to a rest stop at the top of a hill, where Kendra and Cattaker van Rollum found their mules. Inside, they met Khyle McNanner’s employer, Demetrius Lexsung Ragnall.

Demetrius informs the group that he will be accompanying them on their adventure at the request of “Friend Employer”. The group really had no choice but to accept.

After much celebration funded by Mr. Ragnall, Friend Employer informed the group that he would be very scarce over the next few months. He also told them that they should head for the City of Ages, known once upon an age as “The Twin City”. In a few months time, the Festival of the Goddess would be held, in which the Goddess Joy would make her personal appearance, as per custom. Friend Employer assured them, that this is where Lament would make his move.

As a parting gift, Friend Employer gave to Sjaud in his own image, a straw doll. If they should ever need anything, they can use that to contact him.



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