Ever After

Lament Rises

Where's your God now?

Morning came, and the group set forth with Sarkus’s young lover, Marie in tow. Along the way, they came under heavy attack from demons born of Lament’s blood, known as Screechers. They eventually reached the aforementioned temple and spoke with the paladins. Kendra learned from a passage in a book, that they needed to light the four torches around the temple in order to proceed

_Written in the book on the altar

“Start a fire to light the way; yet never forget, that even
brightest, most righteous fires, can cast shadows”
The wall sank into the ground revealing a secret room with a staircase leading down. Just as the group started to proceed, one of the paladins revealed that it had began to rain blood. The din of approaching screechers could be heard, and the paladins and their captain, as well as Alexander, stayed behind to defend the temple whilst the heroes dealt with Sarkus.

They ventured into the temple basement and after a few trials, managed to dispel an illusion hiding a chamber. There, stood Sarkus. He silently turned to face the adventurers.

In a moment of lapsed judgment, Sidus furiously charged Sarkus, setting off a trap in the process. The cleric who had devoted his life to the service of Joy along with Sarkus, a fellow man of the cloth, had just become a sacrifice in the name of Lament.

Marie rushed over to what remained of her lover. Graybald also went to investigate. He noticed that Sarkus no longer was wearing the obsidian mask, but rather, Marie was. As Marie took to the altar, and her physical body faded, the group realized that they had been an unknowing aid to Lament the entire time. Graybald tried in vain to destroy the mask, but was repeatedly electrocuted.

The ritual was completed, and there stood the dark god Lament.

Kendra fled for her life, and Graybald offered his allegiance to Lament. Curious about the offer, Lament made his way over to Graybald. As he did, Graybald lashed out with his axe-hand and missed. A mistake that Graybald was not to make again, for he was electrocuted to death by Lament’s unforgiving hand.

Sjaud questioned the god’s motives, to which he received little answer. Lament issued a message to Sjaud to tell the world

“Take what you have seen here and go. Tell the world, that their devil has returned.”



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