Ever After

New Day

And then Life went on...

After traveling for some time, the group came upon 2 travelers. A witch, Glitchen Oakwarden, and a young Fleshwoodling druid, Stilla. They claimed their homes have been razed to the ground by the marauding demons unleashed by the return of Lament. Having similar goals, they began traveling with Kendra and Sjaud to find and turn back the tide of Lament

Kendra eventually reunited with her mentor, Jacob Hasfar, and told him of him of her plight. After helping Jacob with his own problems, he informed Kendra that she should be ecstatic for a such a rare opportunity.

Meanwhile, The group came across a young rogue by the name of Samantha. She agreed to journey with them out of little more than boredom.

After helping her mentor, Kendra was contacted by a strange individual, whom Alexander claimed was his “employer”. The employer informed Kendra that she is now bound to his service due to her failure to prevent Lament’s return. Kendra was obviously not pleased about this.

They tracked Lament’s progress by following an ominous storm cloud, that signaled Lament’s presence.



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