Ever After

The horrors of the Scrap Yard


The group set forward into the labyrinth of the manafactorum. After some delay, they came across an impasse. They had decided to leave their animals behind in order to proceed. A timely arrival of “Friend Employer” allowed them to later be reunited with their Donkeys. After progressing through the labyrinth, the group came across a legend of days past. The Mecha Knight. Instead of outright killing them, he instead gave them a warning. “Fate holds no friends. I know this well.”

With this in mind, the adventurers set out to escape the nightmarish scrapyard and leave it behind.

As soon as daylight was seen, they found themselves in danger once again. A mechanical monstrosity descended from the skies. The corpse of a dragon, brought to life once more by mechanical replacements. It descended and scattered the players, except for Glitchen who ran straight for the access tower that led out of the scrapyard, with Friend Employer at her side.

This proved to be her fatal mistake.

Friend employer tripped Glitchen in order to give the dragon something to chase after. At the price of a party member, the group escaped and continued their quest for Lament.



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