Ever After

The Scrap Yard

The world has moved on...

It took several days to descend into the valley that held the Scrap Yard. During one of these nights, Stilla had abandoned the group for reasons unknown. With little choice in the matter, they pressed on without her.

Upon reaching the entrance, the group surveyed the land. Most everything there was made of metal or stone. Ancient technologies lain covered in dust inches thick, and most of it was torn, battered or useless.

After some investigation, Glitchen came upon a room filled with strangely intact machinery. Kendra sat in contemplation for long hours, and was eventually able to understand how to operate it, though she would need a particular part for it to work.

After some more searching, the group found a locker filled with glass vials that looked to be the missing part. Kendra had also discovered a strange mechanical man, that had most likely stood for centuries immobile. Thinking nothing of it at the moment, Kendra retrieved the power core and returned to the basement.

With another hour’s worth of tinkering, Kendra was able to activate the machine with visible results. This proved to be a fatal mistake.

Above ground, the mechanical workings of the town began turning and working once more. This included the town’s denizens. The mechanical nightmares of an age long passed. Kendra immediately began studying a building that may have once been a factory.

Meanwhile, Sjuad, Glitchen and Sam investigate some screams that caught their attention. They were the first to encounter the mechanical monsters that had made short work of an unfortunate scavenger.

Soon, the group had found the town had been over run by these monsters, if they did not flee, so would they. Alison, thinking quickly ran into the building that contained the generators, and managed to open a gate that led out of the complex. The group eventually made it out, and Alison had shut the gate behind them, locking herself inside with the amassing robots.

Certain that if not already, Alison would soon be over-run by the machines, and opted to not waste her sacrifice, Glitch, Sam, and Sjaud decided to run after setting fire to the machines attempting to destroy the gate. Kendra however, was determined to rescue Alison. She climbed a slope and made her way back into the complex by dropping down from the cliffs. She eventually made her way back into the generator room, and found signs of Alison, but no Alison.

The rest of the group had decided to set up camp on a nearby clearing. Instead they found a large metal door obscured by vines. Deciding to take their chances inside this metal tomb than out in the open where more robots were sure to appear, they set up camp inside the darkness of the tunnel.



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