Helios finds power in fusion. He believes all events are caused by the union of different energies and forces. He sees this in everything, from water and dirt fusing in the fury of a landslide, to mind and body fusing in human strength, to all forms crashing together from the heavens to make the cosmos. The universe is ordered by combination, categorized by interaction. Divine power the fusion of man and God, arcane power the fusion of man and magic, martial power the fusion of fist and foe. He’s rather adept at the latter.

Consciously choosing to adhere neither to good nor evil, Helios thinks either extreme is a missed opportunity to utilize the full moral capacity. While desiring the general well being of all, he sees animal urges and selfish desires as indispensable to these ends.

Helios carries a small vial of helium at all times as an item of concentration for meditation.

Helios rides off

After dealing with an out of control Graybald on several occasions, Helios delivered what he thought to be the final solution to the problem. Not wanting to bother with the group any longer, he set off on his own.


Ever After Greyflame