The Great Goddess Joy


Joy is the more child minded of the two Gods. She enjoys simple things and extravagant beauty. While the two Gods work as Yin and Yang, she is currently the power holder in the world. See: Story of Creation

Because of the twin Gods appearance, Jesters have become more of a Holy symbol than anything else. Ceremonies praising Joy are very light-hearted and are more like masquerade parties than religious ceremonies. Standard activities include dancing singing and general merriment, whilst in costume. A common superstition is when a party goer is not partaking in the amusements, but rather standing off to the side, observing, it is the Goddess Joy in disguise.

A Priestess/Priest of Joy will wear a white smiling mask and some assortment of blue and white robes. They either establish a church that commonly holds such religious ceremonies, or travel the lands spreading they’re own brand of happiness.

Aliases for Joy include: The White Goddess, The White Clown, Granny Goodness, The Good lady.


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