Lord of Storms


Lament is a very cold and calculating mind. He is responsible for every mechanic and system that operates the world. Although most don’t speak of him since his banishment, they generally realize that without Lament the world would be chaos.

Ceremonies praising Lament are very rare, and generally looked down upon by society, for it is said that these celebrations give him strength. These ceremonies involve a mechanical sacrifice of some form of animal. The idea is the more valuable the animal is in society, the better. Most commonly sacrificed are dairy cows.

Common superstitions surrounding Lament are generally negative. Such as, a person suddennly inspired to do something destructive or evil is said to be “Touched by Lament”. Reports of animals with large flowing horns, resembling Lament’s hat are said to be possessed by Lament and are slaughtered. Whether these claims have any truth to them is disputed.

A Priest/Priestess of Lament usually dress in dark robes with a black Tragedy mask. While these symbols are not considered unholy, many people fear them or avoid them at all costs. Churches to Lament are generally forbidden

Aliases for Lament include: Dark one, The Lord of Storms, Shadow Man, The Tall Man, Father Earth


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