Ever After

Wrath of Yakka Kahn
The Goblins Stole a Cannon?

Wrath of yakka kahn banner

In the morning 4 strangers along with a number of townsfolk stand in audience for Mayor Poppinstock, who delivers a speech welcoming the coming of the Carnival.

Helios, a monk notices some small moving sacks beneath him as he sits perched on the table.


He fumbles over a table, while Sidus Fatorum notices other Goblins approaching from all around. The crowd becomes panic stricken and flees the market. As the two begin to dispatch the goblins, Sjaud the mysterious rogue, descends from the rooftops to aid them. Together, these three dispatch the goblins in the marketplace. Helios even manages to capture one of them. Just as they do, Captain Shammons arrives to thank them for their help, but informs them that more Goblins are about. The heroes decide to investigate the Nobleman’s house, while Captain Shammons takes care of the Inn.

The Heroes arrive and dispatch the Goblins at the Nobleman’s house and then head to the front gate to investigate the chaos there. Upon arriving, they find that a decorative cannon and a merchant’s wagon has been stolen. They inform the Mayor of this theft, who tells the Heroes that the cannon is not merely decorative, but can be fired. The heroes interrogate the capture goblin who claims to not know anything about the plan, but rather was hired whilst the plan was in action

The group along with Captain Shammons investigate the gate again, and notice tracks leading to the Fairgrounds. The Heroes follow them.

Once at the fairgrounds, they meet with the Master of Ceremonies, who assists them in their search for the missing cannon. Sjaud finds the missing merchant’s wagon but no cannon. Upon further inspection, they notice tracks moving towards Durken fields. And away they went.

Once at Durken fields, they trio formally introduced themselves to each other, the captured goblin introduced himself as Vak. Helios noticed a gather of goblins on the hill in the distance. Deciding it was probably better to not be seen, they scurried into the underbrush. As if on que, the goblins on the hill open fired with the stolen cannon in an effort to dispatch the trespassers. Leaving Vak behind, they moved under the cover of trees towards the cannon. Sjuad discovered the missing Carnival wagon during this trek, as Helios and Sidus chased off the cannon crew, and managed to capture the Spottter. After interrogation, Sidus learned the name of the Goblin boss. “Yakka Kahn.”

Sidus, Helios, and Sjaud tracked the goblin cannon crew back to their cave. After an attempt by Sjaud to trick the goblins into opening the door, they decided to simply use the cannon to destroy it.

The group raided the goblin cave, slaying anything that opposed them, dodging poorly constructed traps and looting their treasures. Eventually, they burst in on the Goblin Boss Yakka Kahn, who eagerly awaited their arrival. He introduced himself, and his mace “The Juicer” briefly, as Helios charged the half pint boss. The two groups clashed, Helios, almost falling victim to the Juicer, as Sidus and Sjaud dispatched the henchmen. Helios delivered the final blow to Yakka Kahn in a flurry of shuriken.

“Youse all bitches…” Yakka Kahn managed to spit out before falling on top of his own mace

Upon seeing their leader perish, the remaining goblins attempted to escape, but were chased down by Sjaud and Helios, who knocked them unconscious.

Rough, Rowdy, and Ready Mercenaries
Them's Fightin Words...

Following the defeat of goblin boss Yakka Kahn, Helios made an attempt to induct the remaining goblins into a school of Martial Arts under the direction of himself, earning him the chastising laughs of his partners.

The goblins, not trusting Helios enough to serve him, but having the utmost faith in Sidus’s promises to smash them, requested that they be brought, as prisoners to the Cobbleton Town Guard. And so Helios granted their wish.

Upon returning to Cobbleton, the group encountered a troupe of Town Guard, Captain Shammons, and Mayor Poppinstock. Helios informed them of the recovery of the Cannon, and the vanquishing of the goblin boss Yakka Kahn. He also turned over the goblins to the Guards, who were ordered by The Mayor to place them in jail as a sign of diplomacy. In return for their deeds, the players were rewarded with free passes to the Carnival. After such, they were introduced to Graybald McBeardy, a Duergar warrior who helped repel the goblin attack along with several Town Guardsmen. Noticing that a fellow dwarf was involved in the assistance, he followed Sidus to the town Market. There, Sidus purchased a few items and traded a few off to a scrupulous merchant. Whilst Sjuad made an acquaintance of Christopher Monte. Meanwhile, Helios talked Mayor Poppinstock into giving him the rights to the land that the goblins formerly occupied.

Sidus spoke to Graybald concerning the goblin attack, and suggested that he may want to join Sidus and Helios in their adventures, using the lure of fighting. Graybald agreed, despite his general distaste for the entire group.

Later that night, at a local pub, Graybald started a bar room brawl with a Carnival worker, causing several pub customers to get involved. This incident was only ended by Helios’s intervention. Helios knocked Graybald unconscious, along with another bar room brawler. The Town Guard, grateful for Helios’s help, offered to keep the situation quiet. Helios spent the night at a Healer’s house after receiving a near deadly wound from Graybald’s axe.

The next morning, silently forgetting what had occurred the previous night, eventually reconvened at the Carnival. Sidus questioned the Master of Ceremonies about the goblin raid, suspecting he may have had a hand in it. Despite his unusual knowledge of the subject, the Master appeared innocent enough. There they met a most unusual character. A cat with a French accent, and an acid tongue. After hurling insults at the group, which earned him the extreme dislike of Sidus, he eventually learned that they were the group responsible for thwarting the goblin raid, and offered them access to his employment network, should they ever find themselves in need of work. After which, the Master of Ceremonies offered the group a protection job. To guard the Caravan as they crossed through known bandit lands. The group signed a contract, and 2 days later, they set off to Thorn City.

Welcome to Thorn City
Welcome... You're under Arrest.

During the journey from Cobbleton to Thorn City, the caravan was indeed attacked by a gang of bold thieves. Graybald, Helios, Sjuad, and Sidus quickly dispatched them with relative ease, whilst the Master of Ceremonies observed feeling very pleased with himself.

Upon reaching Thorn City, the Master of Ceremonies bid the group a very professional farewell, paid them, and directed them to the Inn. During their brief period, the group noticed that the Royal Guard patrolling the area seemed to pay them special attention. During off hand conversation with the Inn owner, the heroes learned that the kingdom has been on edge recently. The King has raised taxes, and placed the Kingdom under Martial Law, due to recent attempts on his life.

Whilst observing the Stars, Sidus noticed a young girl, and what appeared to be a Priest of Joy conversing with each other. Unfortunately, he could not discern what was said, his attempt earned the attention of the Priest, and he strode off towards the Royal Bridge with haste.

The next morning, the Royal Guard continued to concern themselves with the actions of the group, to the point of provoking Graybald, who was ushered away by Sidus. Despite this, the Royal Guard took action upon the group, questioning them in great detail on what their intentions were in the city, and scrutinizing every answer. The guards seemed troubled by the fact that a changeling whose whereabouts are currently unknown. Troubled them infact, enough to place them under arrest. Sjuad was currently following a Guard under the guise of an Elven woman to the Royal castle, but was stopped when met with a number of bridge guards who questioned her urgency to get into the castle. After failing to convince the guards, Sjuad was also placed under arrest and escorted to the Castle’s dungeons along with Helios, Sidus and Graybald.

Curse of the Obsidian Mask
He Raped a Guard

Whilst in jail, Helios speaks with a fellow prisoner, Samuel Irons, who informs them of the situation of the Kingdom. He also informs them of the Black Mask that the king has received from an unknown gifter. He suspects this mask to be the cause of the King’s condition. He also casts suspicion upon the Royal Adviser.

The group is taken before the King shortly thereafter for their trial. Sarkus, the royal adviser, proves to the jurors that the group is responsible for assassination plots. The King condemns the group to death. During this time, Sidus detects that the missing black mask, is actually being worn by The King. In an attempt to remove the mask, Sidus uses Color Spray on The King, knocking him unconscious. This stunt immediately ends the trial and lands the group back in jail.

Later that night, Graybald and Sjaud manage to fool the guards into letting them out of their cells, by posing as kidnapped guards. Together, they managed to procure proper guardsmen uniforms, and release the other prisoners on top of causing all matter of chaos in the Royal Guard ranks. During the escape Samuel Irons tells the group that they must use this chaos to save the King. Sacrificing himself as bait, Samuel causes a huge commotion that allows the others to sneak into the King’s Chambers. Here, the group defeats an Assassin who attempts to take the King’s life.

This earns The King’s respect towards the group, and Sidus once again tries to remove the mask, this time pulling it free, much to the surprise of Sarkus and the surrounding guards. Samuel Irons is brought before The King, who then reveals himself to be the King’s previously forsaken son. There is much rejoicing.

The King orders the mask to be locked in the treasury. Sidus escorts them due to his suspicions of Sarkus. The group is promised a reward, and they go their seperate ways.

Graybald notices something strange about the armory and asks a guard to escort him inside. Whilst inside, Graybald discovers the mask of The Royal Adviser, and then proceeds to rape (yes really…) the accompanying guard as a matter of revenge. He then presents the evidence to the King and Prince who then proceed to the Armory, and find the ravaged guard. They assume that Sarkus was the culprit and raise the alarm.

Meanwhile, on the Royal Bridge; Helios, Sjaud, and Sidus encounter a gathering of Royal Guards, and standing behind them is Sarkus, wearing the cursed obsidian mask. They battled, as Sarkus quickly dealt with Sjaud, and watched from the sidelines. Graybald arrived and immediately ran for Sarkus, as Helios rendered the final guard unconscious. Sarkus realizing he was outnumbered, decided to flee over the bridge, and into the river. Helios gave chase, cracking open a sunrod on the way down, whilst the others ran to the other side and waited for Sarkus to emerge. However, it was Helios whom they first saw, and Graybald opened fire. Helios survived and managed to swim towards the coast line. Sidus rushed to his aid leaving Sjaud and Graybald on the bridge. Graybald proceeded to kill the guards on the bridge who had been unconscious, despite Sjaud’s efforts to stop him. Helios arrived angered by Graybald’s general disrespect for the living. Sjaud and Sidus decided to let them at each other, and moved on to the local healer’s house.

Graybald refused to fight Helios who was not moved by his sudden change in heart. Helios knocked Graybald unconscious and then chopped off his hands as penance for his misdeeds. Without looking back or thinking twice, Helios left Graybald on the bridge for dead, as the sun rose on a new day.

March of the Undying
Gotcha Bitch!

After resting for some time at the Healer’s house, Sidus Fatorum and Sjaud decided to head to the local libary to soak up some free knowledge. Whilst there, the ever friendly, oddly present, and well informed Master of Ceremonies spoke to them about what had happened at the Royal Castle the night before. He mentions that he knew Sarkus, and knew something about the mask, but didn’t expect Sarkus to run off with the mask. After a brief description of his knowledge of the mask, he finally called out to a timid young elf who had been eavesdropping the entire time. The group suspicious of her actions surrounded her. The Master of Ceremonies questioned her intent, then saw need of her particular skill set.

From what the Master of Ceremonies observed in his brief time in the library, Kendra was a necromancer. Not a lightly looked upon profession, in the common world, but very useful if applied correctly with an open mind. Seeing on how the party seemed to be short two party members, a replacement needed to be found. Kendra just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Half asking, half threatening to expose her as a corpse perverting witch, the Master of Ceremonies finally convinced Kendra to assist in finding, and returning the Obsidian Mask that Sarkus had stolen. A little after this incident, Sjaud overheard the Royal Guards talking about the kidnapping of a young red haired girl who frequently spent time with Sarkus. The next morning, the group headed West, where The Master of Ceremonies thinks Sarkus may have headed.

After 2 days of travel, they finally arrived at the town the Master of Ceremonies spoke of. Balefulton, and were greeted by a strange old man named Rosseau, and then by a bitter merchant wearing a magic school uniform by the name of Sahara. She asked the group to retrieve a valuable vase from the noble she sold it to, in exchange for a magical item, if she should come across one. Sidus agreed for that price, and they headed to the Inn/Tavern to gather information about Sarkus

Sjaud learned the following

  • Sarkus and the red haired girl were definitely through this town, but nobody knows which direction they left in.
  • It rained the entire time they were in town
  • Rosseau is a creepy old man, who some people claim to have seen stalking around at night.
  • Rosseau is a religious creepy old man.
  • There are other adventurers in town. They’re names are Runt and Grunt
  • There are reports of monsters looming in the southlands.
  • The Healer’s house is full of people sick with some unknown disease.

Whilst the rest of the group slept, Sjaud took it upon himself to investigate Rosseau. Sure enough, the old man was up to something. Following Rosseau revealed that he had been constructing icons of Lament, and setting them up along the road to the southlands.

The next morning, the group investigated these icons, and found a decayed corpse near one of them. Kendra identified these icons, not as attractions for the undead, but rather to ward them off. Sidus was convinced otherwise, and decided to investigate Rosseau personally. Rosseau warned the group of an approaching darkness, and said he was doing what he could to prevent it. He then directed them to the Healer’s house.

The Healer’s house was full of the sick previously mentioned, a very flustered Healer, Runt and Grunt who were spending the night there. Upon asking about the creatures in the south, Runt and Grunt made a hasty exit. Sjaud pursued them, and managed to squeeze more info out of them disguised as a bar maid.

  • They came from the south
  • They described themselves as Dungeon Raiders
  • They are waiting for their friend to return, but do not plan to wait any longer.

Deciding there is nothing else for this town, the group decided to pursue Sarkus, whom Sjaud believes may be heading for the neighboring kingdom to the south.

As the group was departing, something caught Sidus’s eye in the fading sunlight. Shadows lumbering back and forth. He warned the group and they took precaution. Kendra sent out her familiar to identify the shadows. It returned and informed her that the shadows were the undead.

The group halted the gathering undead at the south border of the town. During their combat, more came, until finally a giant zombie appeared in the battle. Sending the undead that Kendra took control of after it proved fatal to her minions that were smashed back into the ground. Sjaud set up a defensive barrier with Sidus in the town, preparing for the worst. Kendra however, in an unfathomable act of bravery (for her at least) attempted to seize control of the enormous beast, and was successful.

Rosseau applauded Kendra on her mastery of the undead, and awarded her an amulet that belong to his father, also a necromancer.

The group gathered their things, and bid farewell to the town of Balefulton

Untitled Adventure!

In the middle of the night, Sidus was startled to see Graybald marching into the camp, demanding to know where Helios was. Graybald has returned with an iron fist, and axe for hands. He introduced himself to the group, and they were then attacked by lingering zombies in the wilds.

After the attack, they slept for the rest of the night. In the early morning, Kendra noticed a strange rustling in a near by bush. She sent her undead minions to investigate, which proved fatal for one of them. A blond barbarian girl named Korina leapt from the bushes and attack Zombitch. She explained that she was looking for a giant wooden man that was attacking travelers on the road. The group agreed to help her and they set off into the nearby forest. After being led deeper in by a stickwitch, they encountered a Wood Golem.

The group managed to defeat the golem, but only by setting fire to the forest. Korina took her prize from the golem and headed off to town. From the hill overlooking the town, the group noticed heavy occupation by Paladins of Joy. Figuring for the best, Kendra stashed her giant zombie friend in the nearby bushes.

Upon entering the town, Paladin guards, confiscated Kendra’s spellbook and amulet and sent them to the Captain.

Though Kendra’s attempts failed, a drunken persuasion by Graybald, managed to convince the Captain of the Paladins to return the book and amulet, the catch being, that Graybald promised to destroy them once they retrieved the mask.

Confrontation Pt 1
Sarkus is in the Temple

Just before leaving, Graybald and the gang were approached by a familiar stranger. He introduced himself as Alexande, the former Master of Ceremonies. He informed them that he had resigned, in order to aid them in the search for the obsidian mask. He also informed the group of the exact mask’s purpose.

From what he has been told, Alexande believes the mask to not just be influenced by Lament’s magic, but may in fact be, Lament himself. He explained that during the final confrontation with Joy’s champion and He, Lament was not banished as most presumed, but rather killed. When he died, it is said that he smiled, which twisted this mask away from his usual grim visage.

They eventually came to a town in the Kingdom of Ages. North City is home to a rather sizeable Church of Joy, and is currently under Joy Paladin occupation due to monster attacks from a nearby ancient temple. In the town, Sjaud learned that the paladins took a young girl into custody. They identified this girl as the same that Sarkus took before fleeing Thorne City.

After a brief interrogation, they learned that Sarkus had abandoned her after acting strange. Apparently he had set her up to be captured by the paladins. Sarkus some how knew they were coming, and fled to the temple for some unknown reason. What is know however, is that the Monsters, and Sarkus are somehow connected.

Lament Rises
Where's your God now?

Morning came, and the group set forth with Sarkus’s young lover, Marie in tow. Along the way, they came under heavy attack from demons born of Lament’s blood, known as Screechers. They eventually reached the aforementioned temple and spoke with the paladins. Kendra learned from a passage in a book, that they needed to light the four torches around the temple in order to proceed

_Written in the book on the altar

“Start a fire to light the way; yet never forget, that even
brightest, most righteous fires, can cast shadows”
The wall sank into the ground revealing a secret room with a staircase leading down. Just as the group started to proceed, one of the paladins revealed that it had began to rain blood. The din of approaching screechers could be heard, and the paladins and their captain, as well as Alexander, stayed behind to defend the temple whilst the heroes dealt with Sarkus.

They ventured into the temple basement and after a few trials, managed to dispel an illusion hiding a chamber. There, stood Sarkus. He silently turned to face the adventurers.

In a moment of lapsed judgment, Sidus furiously charged Sarkus, setting off a trap in the process. The cleric who had devoted his life to the service of Joy along with Sarkus, a fellow man of the cloth, had just become a sacrifice in the name of Lament.

Marie rushed over to what remained of her lover. Graybald also went to investigate. He noticed that Sarkus no longer was wearing the obsidian mask, but rather, Marie was. As Marie took to the altar, and her physical body faded, the group realized that they had been an unknowing aid to Lament the entire time. Graybald tried in vain to destroy the mask, but was repeatedly electrocuted.

The ritual was completed, and there stood the dark god Lament.

Kendra fled for her life, and Graybald offered his allegiance to Lament. Curious about the offer, Lament made his way over to Graybald. As he did, Graybald lashed out with his axe-hand and missed. A mistake that Graybald was not to make again, for he was electrocuted to death by Lament’s unforgiving hand.

Sjaud questioned the god’s motives, to which he received little answer. Lament issued a message to Sjaud to tell the world

“Take what you have seen here and go. Tell the world, that their devil has returned.”

Things that happened afterwards

Kendra fled the temple, and found, much to her dismay, no survivors of the screecher onslaught. So she continued to flee.

Sjaud exited the temple, and found that Alexander, was indeed alive. He had survived by feigning death, and merely fell asleep.

The returned to North City to find that the demons that assaulted the temple, appear to have assaulted the city afterward. However, there appeared to be no sign of them, but in their place were Orc looters. Sjaud went back to the inn to retrieve his belongings.

Meanwhile, Kendra retrieved her belongings from the nearby cave, including Zombitch. On her way back to the city, she encountered an orc riding a familiar donkey. She at first tried to reason with him, but then it proved easier to simply flatten him.

Sjaud managed to trade some baubles found in the temple for his belongings from an orc. On the way out, he noticed a familiar face up on a roof. Or rather a cat, surrounded by orcs. Alexander attempted to talk the orcs out of it, but failed. Kendra seeing Sjaud and Alexander, investigated, and also decided it was just better to flatten the orcs rather than reason with them. Once they were dealt with, the group decided to head further south. Along the road and after many silly questions from Alexander, they ran into Sahara, the bitter traveling merchant, and an odd fellow intent on searching her barrels. Sahara asked is they had any luck with the vase she asked them to retrieve. Nope.

The man searching through the crates abruptly asked Kendra if she had seen a girl. After a few more questions and guessing games, they determined that the girl he was looking for is Korina, the barbarian from Meddleton. Sjaud managed to point him in the right direction (vaguely) and he was off. They decided to set up camp nearby and Sahara joined them for the night.

New Day
And then Life went on...

After traveling for some time, the group came upon 2 travelers. A witch, Glitchen Oakwarden, and a young Fleshwoodling druid, Stilla. They claimed their homes have been razed to the ground by the marauding demons unleashed by the return of Lament. Having similar goals, they began traveling with Kendra and Sjaud to find and turn back the tide of Lament

Kendra eventually reunited with her mentor, Jacob Hasfar, and told him of him of her plight. After helping Jacob with his own problems, he informed Kendra that she should be ecstatic for a such a rare opportunity.

Meanwhile, The group came across a young rogue by the name of Samantha. She agreed to journey with them out of little more than boredom.

After helping her mentor, Kendra was contacted by a strange individual, whom Alexander claimed was his “employer”. The employer informed Kendra that she is now bound to his service due to her failure to prevent Lament’s return. Kendra was obviously not pleased about this.

They tracked Lament’s progress by following an ominous storm cloud, that signaled Lament’s presence.


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