Astral Horrors

Legends tell of advanced beings descending from the stars, bringing peace, and answers to life’s questions.

Unfortunately, the closest these legends have come to being fulfilled, are the nightmarish creatures that descended from the stars ages ago, and now lurk in the shadows of man’s fear.

There is no proper name for such beings. Commonly referred to as Astral Horrors, they claim to have come from space. Males and females (if there is a gender at all between them) look and sound identical, and how they reproduce is a mystery. They have limited shape changing abilities, but make no effort to replicate any creature’s appearance. They do not establish villages or permanent homes, and do not generally gather. In fact, it is rare to see even two of them together at any given time.

If a wealthy person wants a certain individual eradicated and does not want to pay a Luthian or other common assassin to do the job, they will seek out an astral horror and strike a bargain with them. They do not accept monetary payment, and what exactly is bargained with them is unknown. What is known, is that striking a deal with one of these is the most effective form of assassination, but is very dangerous to the employer. Astral horrors care not for the concept of honor.

Astral Horrors

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