A race of forest folk, created by magic, but not magical creatures.

The Legend goes, that Fleshwoodlings were created by a powerful wizard who sought out friendship, when all others have abandoned him. He wandered the South Forest until he happened upon a peculiar gathering of trees. Their bark did not seem like bark at all, but rather human skin. The wizard decided to make a people out of these trees. From the Fleshwood trees, came the Fleshwoodlings, small little people born of the trunks of a fleshwood tree. The wizard treasured these creatures as his closest friends and shared his knowledge with them. The population of Fleshwoodlings continued to grow long after the death of the wizard.

Fleshwoodlings are a reclusive race to the point where other races view them as slow witted. The common Fleshwoodling does not know about outside religion either. They generally don’t wander too far from home. The has basic knowledge of their existence, but are none to concerned with them.

Fleshwoodlings are incredibly fast and agile. They can sprint through the forest faster than some resident animals. On average, they stand between 4 and 5 feet tall, with the males being taller than the females and weigh between 60 – 100 lbs.

Some outsider names for Fleshwoodlings include, Stick Figures, Scarecrows, Twigs , and Woodboys. It shoud be noted that Fleshwoodlings consider all of these terms derogatory.


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