Every once in a while, a traveler will happen upon a strange creature. Actually it’s more like a strange phenomenon. They will pass a cloaked man holding a question mark sign, and he will suddenly begin talking to them about some inane story, or propose a strange question. If one tries to ignore it and press on, they find that they cannot continue forth, that something invisible blocks their way. This traveler has just encountered a Questionman.

Mysterious individuals who appear out of nowhere and simply disappear when no one’s looking. They don’t pose a great threat, unless you are trying to get somewhere in a hurry. Simply indulge the poor thing and correctly answer his suspiciously worded riddle, and you may proceed.

Most people see them as pests, but for a few, these Questionmen are an extraordinary source of unimaginable information. They are believed to live thousands on thousands of years, and most in the world today, have existed since the dawn of time. People actively seek them out just for a chance to answer one of their riddles. Some believe that if you can befriend one of these creatures, that you may ask it any question, and it will answer. The problem is, trying to maneuver your way through one of their conversations. They are very odd, and most things they say have double meanings. Most simply ignore you after the riddle has been solved.

While these creatures don’t appear to have any objective other than to have their riddle solved, there have been extraordinary tales of fate changing events caused by their mere presence.

During a long and brutal conflict between a nation and an invading war monger, the armies of the king had the War Monger’s camp surrounded. Or so they thought. The clever Monger had an underground escape route planned for just such an occasion, and without haste, he took to the caves to flee. However, just as he tried to enter the caves, he was inexplicably stopped. During the night, a Questionman had appeared there, with a particularly difficult riddle. The War Monger, in his panicked and frustrated state, could not solve the riddle, nor any attempts to slay the creature seem to work. The King’s army eventually caught up with, and slaughtered him.

When the High Knights arrived on the scene, they attempted to thank the Questionman, but he did not respond. They offered him a position in the King’s Court, but all the Questionman did was repeat the riddle that he offered the War Monger.

The Knights could not answer. So they simply returned home.

It didn’t seem like the creature stood there on purpose, but then again, it was far too convenient that he did. Perhaps it was just fate.Questionman


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