Ever After

The Dark Lands

Welcome to the Dark Lands. A continent reachable by land travel only during the winter months, when the Cobalt Sea and Blighted Sea recede to reveal a land bridge. Many mercenaries often find work on this continent defending the native kingdoms from the constant orc attacks and raids. One can also find the Barbarian Kingdom, a formerly loose collection of savage warriors united under one banner.

Kulthwayt, a nestled in between two mountains lies on a major trade route between two continents. This area has recently become a target for a nomadic orc horde seeking riches and trophies for their tribe. Due to this, the kingdom is in constant need of warriors to defend the city and all those wishing to pass through it.

The Red Falcon Mercenary Guild has been under pressure to fill the requisition notices received by this kingdom. The send as many warriors as possible whilst still keeping up their reputation of strong warriors. A steady stream of all manner of hired fighters have been sent into Kulthwayt whilst the land bridge is still accessible, for when the bridge is gone, it will be difficult to make travel back to the Red Falcon Guild hall.



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